About me

I am a media studies researcher based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For the past ten years, I have worked as a journalist, writing articles, covering events and conducting interviews, for numerous websites, nationwide Greek publications, television and radio, and also completed my internship as a member of the Press Office of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, for which I also received an award of excellence. I have also done part-time, freelance consultation for concert promotion in the Netherlands. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in “Journalism & Mass Media Studies” from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in Greece. Then, I completed my Master’s degree in the University of Amsterdam (UvA), following the programme “Media Studies: Television & Cross-Media Culture”, and wrote my thesis about fandom-based user-generated content and on-line communities.. I recently started my PhD on on-line communities and video game fandom. I also became a teaching assistant at the course ‘Games’ offered by the University of Amsterdam.


  • 2015-currently: PhD research, From the Vastness of the Web to Mainstream Production and Vice-Versa: Fan Identities, User-Generated Content and “Produser” Communities, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam.
  • 2014-2015: Master’s degree (1-year degree) in Media studies: Television & Cross-Media Studies, Department of Media Studies, School of Humanities, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. GPA: 6.7. ECTS: 60.
  • 2009-2013: Ptychio (4-year degree) in Journalism and Mass Communications, Department of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, Faculty of Economical & Political Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece. GPA: 8.98 out of 10. ECTS: 226. Distinction: 1st among 20 graduates; delivered the oath.

  • 18/2/2014: Distinction from the Internship Office of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the Best Student Internship Program for academic year 2012-2013 of the Department of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, AUTH, Greece.
  • 2014: Fulbright Foundation alternate candidate.
  • 2014: Greek Scholarship Foundation (Ι.Κ.Υ) award for the best performance during the third year of under-graduate studies (2011-2012) in the Department of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, AUTH, Greece.
  • 21/11/2013: Distinction: 1st among 20 graduates, delivered the oath in the graduation ceremony of the class of November 2013, Department of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, AUTH, Greece.